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Updated at 16.4.2020

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic spread, please find below the summary of measures taken in the area of Income Tax:

The most common applications - drafts

Below, you can find a sample of one of the most recent applications submitted by taxpayers to the tax office. More samples will be added later with respect to the ongoing legislative process which should simplify the situation (in particular, the application for remission of interest on late payments and the application for remission of penalties from advance payments). The draft was prepared by tax advisors and lawyers of the crisis team of the KODAP advisory group (available only in Czech).

Žádost-vzor-zrušení zálohy

The draft contains all applicable component of the application (normal text), instructions for filling in (yellowed text), and possible outline of individual data in the application (italics). Since the tax administration requests detailed justification of the application, it is not possible only to fill the name and amount; the application must be completed according to the individual circumstances of the taxpayer.

If you have any additional questions or need to be assisted with the preparation of the applications, please do not hesitate to contact your KODAP advisor or directly to:

Eliška Krčálová, Tax advisor, phone +420 734 396 805, e-mail:

Jan Kašpar, Tax advisor, phone +420 734 792 828, e-mail:

Jan Mašek, Tax advisor, phone +420 734 424 380, e-mail:

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